Syrus knows the business we’re in, so they review and help us understand our numbers. They don’t just process data. Syrus has become a critical part of how we manage our business.
— Tom Barbee, Owner - Restaurant Profit Systems


Syrus for Brand Executives

Brand executives (CEO, CFO, CIO, CMO) of mid-sized to large restaurant brands rely on Syrus to provide scalable solutions to help them support their brand and franchisees, while impacting their bottom line.

They look to Syrus for:

  • Dedicated support to help their teams and franchisees
  • Spot-on information and reporting – concept-wide
  • Customizable brand-specific reports
  • Ability to apply brand-specific business rules such as product recipes, labor guides and more
  • Standardized reporting in both corporate and franchisee stores
  • Tools to evaluate effectiveness of new products and pricing strategies
  • Support of corporate initiatives, such as speed-of-service and restaurant profitability
  • Consistent and timely data across multiple point-of-sale systems and vendors


Syrus for Franchisees, Owners and Executives

Owners and executives of multi-unit restaurant organizations turn to Syrus for solutions to help them increase revenue, create efficiencies, and, ultimately, grow their business.

They look to Syrus for:

  • Spot-on information and reporting – company-wide
  • Data consistency across multiple POS systems
  • Dedicated support to handle technical and administrative tasks associated with reporting
  • Flexibility to customize solution to restaurants, including store-specific labor guides
  • Anywhere, anytime access to web-based reports and information
  • Central portal for food and paper, labor, and sales reports and tools
  • Complete data control and confidentiality
  • Hands-on implementation services and ongoing training to ensure rapid rollout and system adoption


Syrus for Restaurant Operators

Driven restaurant operators are using Syrus to run more profitable restaurants. Whether they oversee three, or 100 restaurants, they are passionate leaders focused on getting results and leading their teams.

They look to Syrus for:

  • Anywhere, anytime access to web-based reports and information
  • Dedicated support to manage technical and administrative tasks and assist their teams with issues
  • Flexibility to customize solution to restaurants, including store-specific labor guides
  • Ability to benchmark results, store-to-store and by market
  • Spot-on information across all stores


Syrus for Restaurant Managers

Hardworking restaurant managers are using Syrus to streamline their day-to-day back office activities – freeing them up to focus on their employees and customers.

They look to Syrus for:

  • Easy-to-use labor scheduling, inventory, and ordering tools
  • Dedicated support to help them troubleshoot food and labor cost issues and manage administrative tasks
  • Ongoing training and resources
  • Highlight of exceptions so focus is clarified