Top 7 Benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service) Solutions

Syrus’ SaaS solution can provide enormous benefits in terms of cost, flexibility and simplicity.

  1. Flexibility and scalability

    Web-based access and integration enables Syrus to easily integrate with a wide variety of different POS systems, food suppliers and other vendors – offering an affordable solution without requiring the costly upgrade of hardware.
  2. Instant access from anywhere at anytime – on any device

    Securely access your information from any device with a web connection: desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, you name it. Free yourself to work while you’re in the store, on the road, or at the office.
  3. Lower total cost of ownership

    With Syrus, there’s no need to buy hardware, software, databases or business intelligence tools - reducing your initial capital investment and ongoing operating expenses. Syrus’ straightforward subscription-based model offers predictable monthly fees, simplifying cash flow management.
  4. Quicker implementation

    Without the burden of hardware installation and software licenses, Syrus can easily be customized and implemented in multiple locations in less time than on-site solutions, decreasing disruption to your restaurants and business operations.
  5. No upgrades, always on the latest version.

    Syrus manages software updates for you, eliminating the need to install or download patches. System improvements are implemented on an ongoing basis, ensuring you always have the most current version with the latest innovations available to you.
  6. Security

    At Syrus, protection of our clients’ data is a top priority. High data encryption (SSL/HTTPS) keeps your data secure at all times. The Syrus application – including your data – rests securely behind Cisco-powered firewalls.
  7. Reliability

    Syrus solutions are hosted in a state-of-the-art data center, backed up with redundant data storage, HVAC, power and networking. Rock solid security processes ensure your data is safe and always available when you need it.


More time to focus on what’s important for you and your business

With Syrus, you can rely on us to maintain the software, manage the accuracy of your information, and securely store your data, so you can concentrate on doing your job.