Using Syrus to Measure Labor Metrics....

How do you run less labor, yet ensure you are adequately staffed for your business needs?

How do you measure labor performance? Which store is controlling labor? Who needs coaching?

Set it and Measure it. Being proactive in setting labor metrics and accurately measuring performance is key to successfully managing labor and reaping the rewards of:

  • Improved store sales
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Ensure adequate staff levels are set for your business needs
  • Proactively address staffing issues
  • Improved profits

What does it take to be successful in managing and measuring labor?

It takes a combination of Technology, Reporting, and Service to track, measure, and improve.


Syrus’ user-friendly, web-based Labor Scheduler program not only schedules labor and assigns tasks, but ensures your managers schedule within the guidelines or metrics your company has set. Syrus recommends daily labor to keep with +/- 3 hours and a weekly labor of +/-5. The Labor Scheduler is integrated with an accurate sales projections tool, so changes to projections quickly reflect adjustments to staffing.


Measure and benchmark results daily and weekly. Drill down to look at individually written bar graphs to determine scheduling abnormalities, so you can coach and prevent problems before the week begins. Review the Daily Sales reports to ensure adequate labor allocations day-to-day. If total +/- guide is out of tolerance for a store, drill down to review each day to look for opportunity areas. Review store sales projection for accuracy. The tighter control over sales projections, the more effective you will be at providing quality food and meeting your customers’ needs.


Syrus is able to customize guides specific to the individual store’s business needs. And, as an ever changing industry, your personal Account Representative will be proactive in determining if your guides are providing the maximum savings while ensuring the store is adequately staffed.

Technology + Reporting + Service = $$$ Results.

“Using the Syrus system has paid off. Not only have we lowered food cost, but using Syrus’ Labor Scheduler we’ve reduced our overall labor by 2%.” Mike Allegro, Owner, All Star Management

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Posted on August 1, 2011 .