Syrus Difference – Labor Guide Support

Syrus works with you to create a labor guide specifically for your concept. Syrus regularly reviews your store-specific labor guide to ensure you’re maximizing sales. On average, Syrus has helped our customers save approximately $4,000 annually per store in labor costs by regularly reviewing and adjusting labor guides.

Restaurant Labor Management

Scheduling the right people at the right time to drive sales is a delicate balancing act. Syrus Labor Scheduler gives you everything you need to control your labor costs and, ultimately, improve speed of service and customer satisfaction.

Key Labor Metrics

Enterprise view makes it easy to see key labor metrics and quickly access reports by store, market or enterprise.

  • Review store schedules in advance anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Reallocate labor to critical sales-producing day parts.
  • Use real-time above-store and in-store reporting to optimize staffing levels based on your forecasted sales and labor guide.
  • Review sales projections, guide hours, and scheduled hours.
  • Monitor scheduled versus clocked-in hours.

Flexible Labor Guide

Improve service and increase sales using concept-wide labor standards set by you. We work with you to implement a labor guide that makes sense for your business.

  • Use concept-wide labor guides with flexibility for store differences.
  • Approved Labor Guide is incorporated into the labor scheduler.

Line Bar Labor Scheduler

With our straightforward scheduling tool, managers can easily maintain employee information and create demand-based schedules based on your labor guide, sales forecasts, historical sales and the availability of your people.

  • Easily monitor labor usage and review store schedules with multi-store views.
  • Easy-to-use line bar labor scheduler graphically displays the weekly schedule.
  • Store-specific sales forecasts automatically flow into the Labor Scheduler.
  • Scheduling view displays real-time labor variances, helping managers schedule according to their store-specific labor guide.
  • Define work hour constraints for each employee, including part-time and minors.
  • Powerful employee scheduling features help managers create schedules in real-time from color coding to validation checks to drag & drop and more.