Powerful Restaurant Inventory Software

Gain control over food cost and zero in on waste down to the specific ingredient. Built by people who know a manager’s time is best spent taking care of customers and serving quality food - not bogged down learning a software program.

With You All the Way

From day one, Syrus experts manage the integrations with your point-of-sale systems, food vendors and restaurant supply chain. Plus, we maintain your Items, Units of Measure and Conversions. And we regularly update your restaurant-specific ordering guide to reflect current products and pack sizes.

Inventory Manager unlike any other

Our Web Inventory Solution manages your restaurant supply chain and all data related to inventory management - recipes, costs, items, and vendors. With the Syrus Web Inventory Solution you can:

  • Enter multiple inventory count frequencies – monthly, weekly, daily – by store.
  • Track, report, and research inventory levels and food costs.
  • View and count inventory by storage location or product – customized to your preference.
  • Analyze inventory reports – using in-store and multi-store views - to spot large variances and monitor on-hand inventory levels.
  • Easily create and track store-to-store product transfers.

Electronic Vendor Integration

Our centralized back office restaurant software electronically integrates with your food and supply vendors. Invoice, receipt and pricing information automatically flows from your vendors to Syrus' back-office tools.

  • Manage electronic invoices and credit memos in one location.
  • Reconcile vendor invoices from within Syrus to increase accuracy and save time.
  • Easily create manual invoices for vendors without electronic integration capabilities


Inventory and Ordering on the Go

Spend less time counting inventory and ordering products and more time with your team and customers. With the Syrus Inventory and Ordering Tablet Solution you can:

  • Manage your inventory or place an order from any tablet with an Internet connection, including iOS and Android tablets.
  • Tablet inventory and ordering automatically syncs with all your Syrus back-office tools.
  • Easily enter multiple quantities per item as you move through the store.
  • Memorizes your counting path to reduce the time it takes to enter inventory.

Automated Suggested Ordering

Take the guesswork out of efficient ordering - that delicate balance between having what you need and keeping inventory levels low. Syrus keeps all your ordering data in one place so your teams can reduce waste, transfers and save time ordering and taking inventory.

  • View each store’s orders from one central online portal.
  • Suggested orders pre-populate, allowing you to quickly adjust and submit orders.
  • Complete audit trail to track when suggested orders have been adjusted.
  • Create alerts and minimum order amounts for critical items.
  • Get accurate suggested orders based on your theoretical food cost, product mix, sales projections, current inventory levels.

Daily and Intraday Food Waste Targets

Wasted food is money in the garbage. With Syrus food cost management, you can easily track waste for different time increments. Reporting gives you clear metrics and provides a great tool to teach employees how to think about food waste.

  • View accurate, real-time information on high-priced products that directly impact your bottom line.
  • Spot excessive or fraudulent waste by store and shift, so you can act immediately.
  • Select the specific items you want your organization or store to track.
  • Monitor high usage items throughout the day.
  • Web-based waste reporting ensures single and multi-unit managers have a pulse on the results