With Syrus, you get more than detailed food cost management and waste reporting. You get the tools and support needed to turn those numbers into intelligence that makes your business better. What’s hiding in your data? Syrus helps you find out.


More than just software

With Syrus, you get a dedicated specialist to help you and your team. Our restaurant management experts do everything from managing your recipes and mapping your back-office PLUs, to troubleshooting data polling issues and researching questions on vendor pricing.


Food Cost Resources

Struggling to lower food costs? Give your teams on-demand resources to improve results. Syrus e-University teaches managers best practices on food cost management and new strategies to combat issues like high waste or voids. Quizzes drive home concepts.


More than just data

Use enterprise- and store-level sales, product mix and food cost reporting to quickly spot opportunities for improvement. Easily break down results using real-time*, daily, weekly and period reporting.

*For supported Point-of-sale systems

Automated Sales Forecasting

Say goodbye to tedious forecasting spreadsheets! Syrus’ food cost management software automatically generates your sales forecasts and feeds projections into your Syrus back-office tools.

  • Quickly review sales forecasts across multiple stores and markets.
  • Easily refine automated sales forecasts for multiple time increments – from weekly, down to the half-hour.
  • See your edits and changes in real-time.
  • Benefit from forecasts based on your brand’s specific forecasting logic, sales history, updated product dollar yields and inventory levels.


Hassle-free Recipe Management

Manage all your recipes and ingredient pricing in one central location, integrated with food vendors and updated regularly.


Actual vs. Theoretical Food Cost Reporting

Empower your teams to recognize, respond to and act on opportunities and risks, wherever they are, regardless of their role.

  • Use store-by-store and consolidated daily ingredient variance reporting to detect items that are being wasted or stolen.
  • Quickly pinpoint opportunities using food cost reporting with top and bottom ten variances
  • Did you know your Syrus expert is available to help you research food cost variances?

Production Planning

Accurately forecast prep needs to prevent food waste. Always serve fresh, hot products to your customers with our Prep and Production tools.

  • Built on your business logic and brand standards and specific to each individual store.
  • Monitor use of prep and production tools to improve results.
  • Customized in-store bin charts list all products and projected build-to amounts for every half hour.
  • Integrated with store-specific sales projections.

Reduce Waste

Syrus gives your team the tools to measure everything you’re throwing away so you can dig into what’s driving the waste and lower food costs.

  • Waste Reporting: Above-store views and reporting let you keep tabs on the results.
  • Multiple intervals to track waste.
  • Select specific items to track.