Optimize your restaurant business with flexible, proven back-office restaurant management software for data gathering, reporting and managing labor and food costs.

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No matter where you go ... Knowledge is profit

Introducing the MySyrus Mobile App! Streamlined data so you can operate multiple locations on the go: Sales, Voids, Discounts, Labor LTO. 


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Back-office Solutions

Lower costs with enterprise- and store-level sales, product mix and food cost management software for your restaurant.


Inventory & Ordering

Our restaurant inventory software means less time counting inventory and ordering products, and more time with your customers.

Food Cost Management

Lower food costs by tracking variances at ingredient level with back-office restaurant software tools built on your business and brand logic.


Above-store Reporting

Syrus’ food, paper, labor and sales reports make it easy to keep your fingers on the pulse of your business and make better decisions.